How to Stop Play Back Option in YouTube Home and Subscription Feed?

Let’s discuss on YouTube Auto play option available for YouTube Home and subscriptions feed.

What is Auto play in YouTube for Home feed?

Whenever you are scrolling through your feed it happens that Videos start auto play without sound. If you decide to watch it later it starts right where the auto play left off

In YouTube, Videos get added in your history even you don’t click on it. Happens due to auto play option available on YouTube. The quirks behavior of YouTube is now going to be end with the few steps that will banish the muted auto play option in YouTube for yourself.

Steps To Disable the Auto play option in YouTube Home and Subscriptions feed.

1.Select your favorite android or iPhone device. Open YouTube and logged in with your id.

2.Click on Profile pic at the upper right corner.

YouTube Auto play

3.Click on the “General” at the top of menu list.

General setting in youtube

4.Hit Muted playback in Feeds at five rows down in the list.

YouTube Auto play

5.Once you click the pop up will be open with 3 options.

YouTube Auto play

6.“Always On” is like Auto play option is available until your internet option is there.

7.”Wi-fi Only” Auto play option active if you are connected to wi-fi network only.

8.Selct the third option “off” that will be help you out to stop auto play at home & subscription feed.

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There are few advantages of Auto play in YouTube Home Feed. It will help you out to discover new videos where you think it might not worthy and all social media platforms are working on getting its customer attention by showing the new content.

Now days YouTube is smart enough to show and promote the new content in a manner that is beneficial for the YouTube lovers. In case if you don’t like to stop the auto play option for home feed it will consume more data of your internet while you scrolling through your feed.

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