How Can I solve the issues for Hotmail – Full Guide 2021

We all know that Email system in now become one of the major factors in professional life which help us to connect in seconds. Hotmail launch by Microsoft in 1996 with 1 million users in a few months but with every reliable service there are some issues arise that may effect and create interruptions. Everyone is looking for fast and reliable service with secure account but what happen if Hotmail account stop working for long and you can’t receive any Emails, then it may create some weirdness in mind. There are number of reasons behind every issues you need to detect the actual reason behind the error.

Reason behind the Hotmail stop working

1.Internet connectivity is not up-to the mark.
2.Browser/Device is not compatible with the Hotmail.
3.Hotmail account has been temporarily suspended.
4.Security breach for the account.
5.Antivirus and thirty party issues while running Hotmail.
6. Cache and cookies might create the issue.

How to solve issue for Hotmail Stop Working

  • Internet connectivity is not up-to the mark

If the internet connectivity to your system is not working then it might happen you wasn’t able to send emails and use the Hotmail service.

You can reset the modem, router and computer to fix the internet connectivity or call your service provider to solve the issue. To check the internet connectivity, open the browser and open any site if it wasn’t open then there is an issue with your internet connection.

  • Browser/Device is not compatible with the Hotmail

If you are using any browser by long time then you might know the fact how to update the browser. Most of time google recommended to update the browser for security and to fix any technical issues.

In case Hotmail is not working then Browser update is one of the reasons.

Check the latest update

1.Open your chrome browser.

2.Click the three point in column design at top right corner.

3.list of topics open and hit on Settings in the list.

4. Visit advance setting for the latest update.

Most of people are on android today and mobile apps are getting updated on regular basis for security issues and to fix bugs in apps. Make sure that you are using update version of the apps while you are working with Hotmail on android.

  • Hotmail Account has been Temporarily Suspended

If you are violating with the rules of the license agreement then Microsoft can suspend your account on temporarily basis. Most of suspension happen due to sending out lot of junk message, Bulk advertising or Any link that advocacy the malware and virus.

Make sure that you are not violating the rules of the Microsoft that may create any hiccups while you are working with Hotmail.

  • Security breach for the account

Security breach can be the reason that make interruption while you are trying to login in your Hotmail account. While you are using Hotmail kindly update the phone number in the account and make sure that you will not share the account login details with anyone.

In case you forgotten the password, then reset the password. Once you have correct Login details related to your Hotmail accounts you will not get this type of errors.


  • Antivirus and thirty party issues while running Hotmail

Various Antivirus and extension can create the issue while you are trying to work with Hotmail. Sometimes the antivirus can block the Hotmail due to seek of security and it create distressing in your mind. We have two options to solve the problem

1.Temporarily disable the antivirus and once you done the work with Hotmail, you can turn it on.

2.Check the security patches in antivirus and contact the service provider to solve the issues that will help you out to use the Hotmail service while your Antivirus and extension are working.

  • Cache and cookies might create the issue

Cache and cookies are the most common issue on the browser that cause interruption while using Hotmail. The process to clear the cookies and caches are very simple and it need only 2-3 steps to solve.

Follow the steps to clear Browser Caches

1.Once you open your browser. Need to visit menu available at the Top right corner.

2.Look for the More Tools in the list and click on it.

3.Hit on Clear Browsing data and select the time interval.

4.Now click on Clear data and all thinks are done.

With the help of few steps you can clear the cache. After clear out the caches try to login into your Hotmail account.

In Case if above solution not help you out to solve the issues then glance some other points that may help you to solve the issue.

1.Might be you have created some Email filter that may create the issue while you are trying to send the Emails.

2.It may happen that you have blocked some of the Email address, then you are able to receive/sent the emails.

We hope that the above solutions will help you out to use the Hotmail services in easy way. LexiconTalk always looking to solve the technical glitches .

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