How to make video call, upload and update status on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is the current trend of the market, using which we can use WhatsApp from desktop or laptop, access documents, and links, avoiding the transfer process from phone to computer. Yet many of the users do not know how to make video calls on WhatsApp Web on a laptop. This blog teaches you the process. 

How to Make Video Calls on WhatsApp Web on a Laptop ? 

For those who are wondering if they can make a video call from WhatsApp Web, let me first say that it is not possible with help of the app alone. You will need a third software called Emulator. The emulator connects the mission encryption between the two technologies, Bluestacks is the most popular right now. WhatsApp Web will operate like on your mobile. The steps are:

1.Download an Emulator and wait for it to install. The installation process might take some time as it extracts all the necessary files from the server. Launch the application on your PC. Then use your Google account to sign in.


2. Now, download WhatsApp Web from the play store on your laptop. The server installs the application on the Emulator account and it will display on the home screen.


3. Open WhatsApp Web with your Emulator account and sign in with your cellular account. 


4. Now, go to a contact of your choice and click on the icon of video call present on the top right corner of the screen. Grant access to your laptop’s camera and microphone to start the call. 

That’s it! Now you know how to make a video call on WhatsApp Web on a laptop

This was one thing. Now, there’s another feature that people question on the Web – how to upload status on WhatsApp Web. Let’s answer this question too. 

How to upload status on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web has a lot of limitations one of which is you cannot upload status from the PC version. You can upload the status from your phone and view them from WhatsApp Web. There is a circular icon to the left of the messaging icon on the top. A black interface will appear. You will find “My Status” on the left panel and “View Your Updates” on the right. Click on them to view your status updates. You can see how many have viewed your update but cannot know who those people are. You can view the status of your contacts by clicking on them. Each status update opens on full-screen mode. You can reply to the status by writing your reply on the “Type your reply” bar below. 

Often we wonder, can I update my status on WhatsApp Web?  

How Can I update my status on WhatsApp Web? 

You cannot. The WhatsApp Web version does not allow you to update your status. You have to do it on your phone and can view it from your PC. You cannot delete your updates from the Web. You cannot control the status privacy settings i.e all the contacts saved on your phone will see your status unless you change the privacy from the phone. 

Thus, we hope we could answer the questions- How to Make Video Calls on WhatsApp Web on a Laptop ? How to upload status on WhatsApp Web? Can I update my status on WhatsApp Web? We know the answers to the last two questions were not satisfying enough but let’s hope we will get those features on our PC soon! Thank you for your patience! LexiconTalk .

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