Series 2 – Most Important Current Affairs 2021 for UPSC

Current Affairs 2021 for UPSC Q1. Predatory pricing policy is designed to ?  (a) drive competitors out of business  (b) maximise profits  (c) encourage entrants into the market  (d) attain least cost output Q2. Consider the following statements about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO): 1 It is an intergovernmental military alliance between 30 European … Read more

Most Important Questions for UPSC 2021

Check out most important questions for UPSC 2021 By Lexicon Talk Q 1.Oslo Accords sometimes seen in news concern which of these countries? Select the correct answer :  a) Egypt-Sudan  b) Israel-Palestine  c) Iraq-Iran  d) Turkmenistan-Afghanistan Q 2.Match the following Tiger Reserves and their location Tiger Reserve                              Location 1.Corbett Tiger Reserve             A. Mizoram 2.Buxa Tiger … Read more