5 Exercises for a Defined and Muscular Jawline


First thing that people will notice about you is the way you look It’s not a surprise that as a culture we’re always trying to appear our best.

Research suggests that attractiveness is significant to human beings. It doesn’t matter if we’re aware or not, people are usually making judgments about people based on their appearance.

It could have something to do with be related to evolution. Certain facial features that appear especially feminine or masculine could be the reason our ancestors could discern if a partner was fertile and healthy.

Research has shown that women prefer males with an athletic, strong Muscular jawline. Think about Superman and the top male actors including Christopher Reeve to Henry Cavill who have played Comic book superhero.

As women and men age the appearance of their face changes. Your Muscular jawline could be less defined if there excess fat around the jaw and neck area or if the muscles are beginning to shrink.

Although it’s impossible to combat aging or genetics, you can do a few things that you can make to improve the appearance of the line that your jaw has. Training your jaw muscles can help strengthen them and gives your Muscular jawline an energised look.

To identify exercises that are effective we sought out two experts. Dr. Scott Michael Schreiber is a chiropractor who is board-certified twice in clinical nutrition and rehabilitation. Cristina Osorio is a TruFusion yoga instructor.

How can exercises benefit your jawline

Based on the findings of the doctor Dr. Schreiber, the front neck muscles are usually weak as well as inhibited. They are also almost never worked out in a therapy or gym setting. “They can be a major cause of a droopy neck and a hidden cause of neck pain,” Dr. Schreiber says.

The muscles he’s speaking about connect from the sternum and the collar bone (clavicle) to the various components of jawbone (mandible). The exercises 1 and 2 came by Dr. Schreiber, and 3 to 5 come from Cristina Osorio.

The Dr. Schreiber says that with the correct form, “These exercises should not only sharpen the Muscular jawline, but also prevent neck pain, headaches, and jaw pain.” He advises that if you feel discomfort immediately, stop now. It’s likely you’re not doing the right thing and may cause injury to yourself.

1. Neck curl

Imagine this as a abdominal curl to your neck. This is done while lying on your back and with your tongue pressing against the roof of your mouth. This stimulates the neck’s front muscles.

  1. Keep your chin close to your chest, then lift your head off the ground by about 2 inches. Do not lift your stomach, and do not poke your chin out.
  2. Begin by doing three sets of 10 repetitions. Gradually build up to doing more.
  3. You should take your time as these muscles are typically underdeveloped and can result in neck strain if you do too hard or too fast.

2. Collar bone backup

It is possible to do this sitting either standing or lying lying on the back.

  1. Keep your head at a level with the floor, lower your head back about an inch to feel the muscles on the opposite the side of your neck contract. let them relax.
  2. Begin with 3 set of 10 reps beginning, then work up to maintaining the position for longer than 30 seconds.
  3. Make sure your ears are not straying over your shoulders, and that your head is at a level.

3. Tongue twister

  1. Place your tongue in the top of your mouth, directly behind your teeth.
  2. Use your tongue to fully close your mouth. Add tension.
  3. Begin to hum and make an elongated sound. This will stimulate the muscles.
  4. Completion of 3 sets, Each 15

4. Vowel sounds

These movements focus on the muscles surrounding the mouth as well as on the sides of the lips.

  1. Make your mouth wide, Then say “O,” followed by “E.”
  2. You should be sure to emphasize the sound and movement and don’t touch or show your teeth.
  3. Complete 3 sets of 15 each.

5. Chinup

This exercise will help to raise the face and chin muscles.

  1. While your mouth is closed, move your jaw forward and raise your lower lip.
  2. There should be an increase in your stretch just under the chin , and also in the jawline.
  3. Keep the posture for about 10 seconds, and then let go.
  4. Do 3 sets of 15 each.

Other things you can do

Consuming a healthy well-balanced diet and engaging in frequent exercise will go a long ways towards keeping your face looking and feeling younger. If you believe that weight gain is causing the appearance of your Muscular jawline, changing your lifestyle could help.

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