How to Change Your Facebook Name

One’s username or display name on Facebook is like an identity card for Facebook users. One can search that name to find you on Facebook and connect with you.

You can change that later if you want. Note that your Facebook display name is different from your Facebook username. In your posts or when you’re tagged, your display name appears.

Now there can be several reasons for one to change his/her Facebook display name. For instance, if one gets newly married. As a result her surname changes, thus she needs to re-edit her old name. Similarly if he/she was not using their real name, and now he has a new taste. Keeping all these factors in mind, Facebook gives you the access to rename your display name. But surely there are some restrictions. For example, you can edit your name only once in 60 days. In the next part of the article, we are going to explain how to change your Facebook name.

What names are allowed on Facebook?

Generally, people keep their actual names as their display name. Actual name means the name by which he/she is identified by other people. But there are some restrictions you should know before learning how to change your Facebook name.

Your name can’t include

1. Symbols, numerals.
2. Characters from multiple languages.
3. Religious or professional titles.
4. Offensive words of any kind.
5. Unusual capitalization.
6. Punctuations.

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Other things to consider

1. You should use your actual name.
2. You can put your nickname in the middle.
3. Profiles are for individuals only.
4. Impersonating anything or anyone is not allowed.

How to change your name on Facebook

Please note that in the following, we have discussed how to change your display name on Facebook and not the username. Username is unique among all the Facebook users from every corner of the planet, but multiple people can share the same display name. (However, you can edit your Facebook username by clicking Edit next to the Username tab. Keep in mind it has to be unique enough to be considered, it can be frustrating though, so good luck).

On Computer/Laptop

1. Search for and login to your account (if not done yet)
2. Click the downward facing arrow from the top right corner and select Settings and
Privacy → Settings.
3. From the General tab, click Edit located next to the Name.
4. Type your new name, and click on Review change.
5. Wait! Double-check your new name if that’s correct (both grammatically and legally) since
you’ll not be allowed to change it for 60 days!
6. Choose how would you like your name to appear and enter your Facebook password, and
click on Save changes.

On iPhone/Android (using application)

1. Open the Facebook app and tap the hamburger icon (three lines) at the bottom right.
2. Click on Settings and Privacy→ Settings → Personal Information
3. Select Name.
4. Edit your name and select Review change.
5. Look before you leap! Please double check your new name, since once you save that, you
cannot edit that for nearly 2 months (60 days to be specific).
6. After you are done, enter your Facebook password and click on Save Changes.

On your mobile browser or Facebook Lite

1. Go to in the browser or Facebook Lite application, and log in to your account if
not done yet.
2. Tap the hamburger icon (≡)
3. Scroll down and tap on Settings
4. Tap on Personal and Account Information.
5. Tap on Name.
6. Tap Update next to your name.
7. type your name and tap Review changes.
8. Enter your password and tap Save changes.

So, you know now how to change your Facebook name and it’s almost cakewalk. Hope you won’t have any problems. Thanks for reading!

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