7 Points Justifying The Role Of Consultant For Canada Study Visa

student visa consultant for Canada

Many Indians are very much interested to shift to Canada for study purposes or work purposes so that they can have a very good life in the coming years and can grab great career opportunities.  Apart from the craze among the youngsters, there are several kinds of parents who are very much enthusiastic about sending … Read more

Top 11 Data Science Trends in 2021 | Lexicon Talk

Data science is currently on a high rise, with the latest development in different technology and database domains. Managing this data can be tedious; yet, many technological advancements can help use big data in many ways. Data Science has been instrumental in the management and analytics behind such massive loads of data; hence one must … Read more

Series 2 – Most Important Current Affairs 2021 for UPSC

Current Affairs 2021 for UPSC Q1. Predatory pricing policy is designed to ?  (a) drive competitors out of business  (b) maximise profits  (c) encourage entrants into the market  (d) attain least cost output Q2. Consider the following statements about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO): 1 It is an intergovernmental military alliance between 30 European … Read more

Most Important Questions for UPSC 2021

Check out most important questions for UPSC 2021 By Lexicon Talk Q 1.Oslo Accords sometimes seen in news concern which of these countries? Select the correct answer :  a) Egypt-Sudan  b) Israel-Palestine  c) Iraq-Iran  d) Turkmenistan-Afghanistan Q 2.Match the following Tiger Reserves and their location Tiger Reserve                              Location 1.Corbett Tiger Reserve             A. Mizoram 2.Buxa Tiger … Read more

How to make video call, upload and update status on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is the current trend of the market, using which we can use WhatsApp from desktop or laptop, access documents, and links, avoiding the transfer process from phone to computer. Yet many of the users do not know how to make video calls on WhatsApp Web on a laptop. This blog teaches you the … Read more